Make Many Radio Contacts to Search for all words in the Message

Complete the task listed in the message

More to come for how to set up the game

Treasure Hunt Image



After X minutes of the game, participants may share with others parts of the message that they have heard but did not receive directly from the source. This allows team play were different team members collect different portions of the message on different frequencies.

Contributed by N6MDV


Collect the full message via QSO contacts and monitoring information exchanges with other Hams on multiple frequencies


Multi frequency radio such as a VHF/UHF handheld, paper and pen



Personal skill building and satisfaction of accomplishment is the primary objective, however, success may also be measured as:

These games were created by members of the W6HA Hughes Amateur Radio club. Our intent is to find additional ways for Ham operators to be inspired to use their license and equipment. Our goal is to make these attractively fun.