Make Many Radio Contacts to Search for all words in the Message

Complete the task listed in the message

More to come for how to set up the game

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After X minutes of the game, participants may share with others parts of the message that they have heard but did not receive directly from the source. This allows team play were different team members collect different portions of the message on different frequencies.

Contributed by KK6WYW


Determine how many players are participating plus their first name, call sign, and "secret code number"


Multi frequency radio such as a VHF/UHF handheld, paper and pen



The game ends when someone calls/presents to the game admin the total number of players and all 3 pieces of info for each player.

Full Description - Details to be refined

  1. We need an game admin
  2. We create a list of all players by name and call., in person check-in at the start.
  3. Each player is assigned a random ID number, that they pick from a hat before the beginning of the game. Numbers are sequenced, 1 thru X, that is their number for the game. X = the total number of players. New numbers can be added for late arrivals. Or even if folks want to play if they hear the game on the net, they can request the admin, he can assign a new number. Does that assignment need to be a secret?
  4. Let's assume we have five assigned frequencies, everyone get this list when they check in.
  5. AFter all player numbers are given, everyone gets assigned a start frequency, the admin sets this up based on the number of players. It can be sequential base on the master list (only the admin should see the master list).
  6. We start the game. After 5 mins, the players can go to any frequency they want, if they all go to the same frequency, that's not good, game will be over in the next round. Not sure how to fix this. And we don't want everyone to go to the next frequency, then we'll have the same folks for each frequency. Need to noodle on this, is the key to a fun game.
  7. The clock starts for another 5 mins, after folks have made the 1st frequency shift. The admin does this by going to each Frequency, tells them to swap to a new frequency. It will be assumed the players can self organize effectively for each new round. They will do roll call and share their name, call and ID number (pieces of info).
  8. They need to strategies over the nets, on how to best get all three "pieces of info".
  9. The game ends when someone calls/presents to the game admin the total number of players and all 3 pieces of info for each player.

These games were created by members of the W6HA Hughes Amateur Radio club. Our intent is to find additional ways for Ham operators to be inspired to use their license and equipment. Our goal is to make these attractively fun.