A way of Improving Skills and Equipment

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Varies by contest - details to be provided later

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Varies by contest - details to be provided later


Varies by contest - details to be provided later


Varies by contest. However, the possibly the best way is to set personal objectives such as:

Set a goal that streches your skills, and when achieved will make you feel satisfaction and pride of accomplishment.


Varies by contest

Contests vary widely. For many a VHF/UHF handheld is fine and a good place to start. Other contests will require HF gear and a General or Extra license. Better antennas will help for any contest. More power can help if you have a particular goal.

However, use what equipment you have. Find a good location to operate from. Over time try better antennas - it is an excellent learning process and makes possibly the biggest difference. As they say, if you cannot hear them you cannot work them.

Paper and pencil are fine for logging contacts and again, a good place to start. After you start making more than a few dozen contacts in a contest, you will find it easier to get a computer with logging software. There are free logging programs that are very good. These will make it easier to submit the log of contacts that you made (otherwise you will need to type them into a spreadsheet or word document). They also help you quickly decide if you have already contacted a particular station already - and thus cannot get credit for contacting them again.


Personal skill building and satisfaction of accomplishment is the primary objective, however, success may also be measured as:

Varies by contest - details to be provided later

These games were created by members of the W6HA Hughes Amateur Radio club. Our intent is to find additional ways for Ham operators to be inspired to use their license and equipment. Our goal is to make these attractively fun.