Make Radio Contacts to Complete your Bingo Card

Game master chooses a set of frequencies and activates a bingo game. Players register their call sign and get a bingo card by pressing Play Game.

bingo card image


  1. Each participant has one or more Radio Bingo cards and a radio
  2. You choose a frequency from one of the columns
  3. Listen for the frequency to be clear.
  4. Call "Radio Bingo frequency *** this is your-call-sign"
  5. A participating station should reply: "Calling-stations-call-sign this is their-call-sign go ahead"
  6. You reply with "their-call-sign thank you 73 this is call-sign"
  7. At this point both players can fill in the appropriate frequency/call sign square(s) on their bingo cards.
  8. The original calling station can change frequencies or wait to see if another station calls.
  9. Ideally, wait until another station has used this frequency before initiating another call. (Frequencies are not owned by any one Ham, goal is to give others a chance to initiate contacts)


In addition to just exchanging the call signs, participants can pass additional information such as:

In this variant additional winning criteria might be collecting contacts from at least 4 different types of radios (kenwood, icom, yaesu, baeofeng, etc. ) or 4 different antennas (CX-333, SHR320A, stock rubber duck, elk, loop, jpole, etc. ) or 4 cities (Redondo, Manhattan, El Segundo, Torrance, Palms, Westchester)

Contributed by K6VHY


Fill in a winning Bingo card based on making QSOs with other Hams on multiple frequencies.


Ham Bingo card per player, multi frequency radio such as a VHF/UHF handheld



Personal skill building and satisfaction of accomplishment is the primary objective, however, success may also be measured as:

Event may be timed. Winning entries may be announced on the club repeater.

These games were created by members of the W6HA Hughes Amateur Radio club. Our intent is to find additional ways for Ham operators to be inspired to use their license and equipment. Our goal is to make these attractively fun.