The content of this site will now be largely historical as a service to all Ham operators. The new club leadership wishes a different site, however they did copy much of the material created for this site onto their new site.

Thanks to Mike, N6MDV, for creating this site and maintaining it for the last 5 years. His vision and leadership initiated the W6HA Hughes Amateur Radio Club web site, its training classes, and skills day to build practical skills. Check back occasionally as new material may be added.

About Summit

Welcome to VCIT

Vahey Computing and Innovation Technologies

VCIT is a consulting company with broad skills. One focus is the development of very high performance specialized processors. Research topics are advanced computing concepts, parallel processing, fault tolerance, high energy efficiency, and cognitive architectres. Work spans all elements of architecture, computing models, data paths, software, ASIC implementation, and simulation.

Another focus is on systems and methods for disruptive or break through innovation. Research and consulting has honed the ability to create environments for innovation. Consulting is provided to organizations that seek to engage the innovation spirit within their employees. Specialized tools and methods are applied to effectively enhance group performance.